Beat Feet Orchestra

Mahsa Matin is a living cartoon character. Her comedy is reminiscent of the golden age of silent films, with a touch of breakdancing thrown in. Mahsa is thoroughly musical, playing trombone, guitar and various percussion contraptions in performance. Her physicality is playful and vibrant. She can often be seen busking the streets of San Francisco with her classic OneWomenBand a.k.a. Beat Feet Orchestra.

Featured in SFWeekly’s ‘Best of San Francisco’, Mahsa was awarded Best One Woman Band.

Collaborating with other artists is another one of Mahsa’s passions. She currently performs with a variety of circus and theatre companies, including Circus Finelli, Medical Clown Project, Golden Thread and California Revels. Mahsa strives to infuse the dynamic energies of circus, song and joyfulness to inspire others to live and move as themselves.