Queer Music Festival Seeking Hella Gay Volunteers (Golden Gate Park)
All ages! Casual Encounters!

Looking for wayward homosexuals to come together on September 9th, 2017 to pull together a big ASS queer festival. We have all sorts of positions available that need to be FILLED with reliable pansies and their pansy loving friends. NSA, LOL, YES FATS YES FEMMES! Not only do you get to help us pull off this rad event, there are perks:

  • Special shaded volunteer area just for you! With snacks!
  • A pretty little lanyard making you an official homo
  • New potential queer platonic partners! And lovers?
  • The spirit of giving that can only be achieved by knowing you helped mankind move forward just that tiny bit by volunteering at yr local queerion music festival.

Read below to see what position (vers, duh!) best fits your interests –  then fill out this form to get started!

Set Up
So that’s what you look like with make up in the morning! Girl, it’s a good look for you! Now help us move some boxes, set up some tents, unload some cars, put up some art, and transform this heternormative Band Shell in the Park to a fruity pebble paradise covered in rainbow unicorn glitter! This position will mostly be on your feet, and will require some lifting.

The glitterati have needs, girl, and that’s where you come in! Help us set up the backstage area so have a shining beacon of a gay green room in the lush outdoors. You will make sure artists are fed, drinking plenty of water, and staying comfy, boo. This position will require minimal walking and some lifting.

Join our safety crew and your Whitney Houston Bodyguard dreams CAN come true! Ok, maybe not exactly – but just as glamorous! You are gonna to be roving the event making sure everyone is partying safely and efficiently. You will be in direct contact with our medical tent. This position will require being on your feet, walking around the festival, and potentially some lifting.

Clean Up
Calling all pass around party cleaners! We need your help! Breaking down our tents, recycling our bottles, taking down our art — the more help we have the faster we can get out of there and to the after party! Snap on those latex gloves and play germ free adolescents while we clean up this place! This position will require being on your feet and potentially some heavy lifting.

Sisters doin it for themselves! Our green volunteers will manage the holy trinity — compost, trash, and recycling. That means setting them up, managing the bins during the event, and making sure they make it to their final destination post event. If glamorous and recycling go hand in hand with you — then sign up for one of our green shifts! This position will require being on your feet, with heavy lifting.

Information Volunteer
Wanna feel full of knowledge? The information station is for YOU! Bask in the shade of a glorious tent, centrally located to all of our attendees where you can answer questions such as: are these shorts tight enough? to where are the closest toilets up in this grand golden park of ours? We will provide you with a ton of information so if you are the kinda gay that NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING – we want you to work with us! This position will have chairs to sit in and no heavy lifting.

Donation Collector
Get us some money, honey! This volunteer position involves woo’ing our attendees to give us some cash! We’ll arm you with donation buckets and information to walk thru the crowd as you flash that sexy smile and flex yr award winning personality. Cash is king (or queen) as they say — even just a few bucks can help us pay artist fees, feed our volunteers, and have that cruisey bandshell done up right for a day’s worth of beautiful gay love. This position will have you walking around the festival and no heavy lifting.

Interested in volunteering?
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