Ships in the NightBody Waves - AcrobatsDouble DuchessAdonisaurusMajorBus Station JohnQueen CrescentShot in the CityCray Cray LoveDJ DurtLittle Miss Hot MessMatt PiconNathan RapportRJ / Viennetta

Lil Miss Hot Mess

Ships in the Night
A radical queer transbay dance party


Body Waves
A dance acrobatics crew based out of Oakland, CA


Double Duchess
The high-energy electro hip-hop duo from SF


Robert Jeffrey of  Vienetta Discotheque
it’s a high class, low standard…italo disco, electronic funk, bionic boogie, and house!


Bus Station John
The godfather of bathhouse disco

A core contributor to Comfort & Joy for many years, has assisted in producing BYOQ, Morning Glory, and Honey Dusted.  Most recently, he helped create BAAAHS and bring it to the playa.


Queen Crescent
Psychedelic rock four piece band

Cabure  / Shot In The City

Cray Cray Love

Nathan Rapport of The San Francisco Album Project
Photobooth Installation


Matt Picon
Photobooth Installation


Querido Galdo
Graphic Design


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